Friday, August 22, 2008

Smoochacha Patchko Goes to Pittsburgh

Meet Smoochacha Patchko. Smoochacha is my friend Diana's travel kitty (TK). TKs are kind of like traveling gnomes. A woman in New York makes the TKs and sells them to people around the world. Those people then take pictures of all of the places that their travel kitty visits. (Learn more about the Travel Kitty Project here.) At any rate, Diana thought it might be fun if Smoochacha went with Dave and I on our vacation to Pittsburgh. We had a blast showing Smoochacha around the city (even if we did get a few funny looks in doing so!).

Smoochacha Goes to Pittsburgh Mmm, cheesecake Fire! Where should we start? Watch out, Smoochacha! Hello, Mr. Turtle


babyarnie said...

I'm sure you got more than a few strange looks but you're probably used to it being married to Dave Schmave and all! ;)

Sarah said...

It's so funny to read this cause my husband's name is TK! (Timothy Kent)