Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Mina Project

One of the things that Dave and I like about the church we go to is their commitment to "Global Hope" -- helping people beyond the four walls of our church. The church has monthly food drives, opens the doors as an overnight shelter during cold winter nights, and sends teams all over the world to help those who are physically, emotionally, and spiritually in need.

In my opinion, however, one of the coolest things that Hope has done is The Mina Project. Based on Jesus' parable of the mina (John 19), the project began last fall when the church passed out $35,000 to its members. In sealed envelopes that were passed out during service one weekend, members of the church were given varying amounts and told to multiply it and disperse it as they saw fit to those in need. In total, the $35,000 produced about $200,000 in gifts around the community and the world.

About a month ago, Hope decided to try the project again. This time, they gave out $50,000 with instructions to multiply the mina and return the money in late October. The ultimate goal is to raise enough money to build a hospital in Haiti (working through the Hope4Haiti Foundation), with the remaining funds going to various organizations and ministries in the Triangle.

For my mina project, I am partnering with a friend of mine to sell Hope for Haiti note cards. My friend is a fantastic artist, and she designed three unique card fronts for the packs. We are selling them for $6 for a pack of 3 cards (1 of each design) until Friday, Oct. 24. Let me know if you're interested in checking them out!


Sarah said...

That is really amazing! It really places trust in the hands and actions of the church members in a unique way. Very cool!

babyarnie said...

It is so wonderful to see churches help people catch the vision of caring for people outside of their four walls. That's what Jesus would be doing.