Friday, May 7, 2010

Feeding an Army

The problem I have with a lot of art forms is what to do with the final product. I enjoy the creative process and making pretty (or yummy!) things, but I hate to do so without having a definite purpose in mind -- a definite need in my house, a specific person to give the thing to, etc.

Unfortunately, that same hesitation applies to baking. For the most part, I enjoy baking and trying new recipes. Some of the blogs I read are full of brownies, bars, cakes, and cookies that look absolutely decadent...and that serve 16.

Sometimes I feel like I need to find an army or a soccer team to cook for. But only when I feel like it. You know...I don't want an official position with responsibility or anything crazy like that. I just enjoy baking for other people when I have the time and finances to do so. With two people in our house, that can be tough sometimes. Dave and I both have a sweet tooth, but really, do we need to eat a dozen cupcakes each? Tempting, but no.

Oh well. C'est la vie and let them eat cake. There should be more than enough to go around.

Mmm, cupcakes!


katiejoy said...

that is where the math comes in! Use proportions to reduce the recipe.

babyarnie said...

Ommmm...... send them to work with Dave. I'll have Mike bring them home and we'll "take care of them" for you. See... Crisis averted! :)