Monday, March 23, 2009

Adventures in Frugality

I noticed the other day that my posting (both blogs and pictures) has slowed down to a trickle. I just don't seem to have much inspiration as of late for new and exciting things. I wonder why that is?

Oh's because we haven't been anywhere!

Actually, that's not entirely true, but with the "economic downturn," we've definitely had our share of nights at home lately. And while that's not altogether a bad thing -- Dave and I have had downtime to hang out, watch hockey, relax, read -- it doesn't provide much in the realm of blog fodder.

And so here we are. In the void of other interesting topics, here are some of the things that we have been trying to do to cut back a little:
1. Eat more at home
2. Switch to energy-saving light bulbs
3. Cut coupons (I am always amazed at those people who claim that they can shop for a family of 8 with $20. I suppose that with a little more time and effort, I might be able to do more than I am, but so far, about $10 off with coupons is about the best I've managed to do. The quest continues....)
4. Utilize cheaper "alternatives" (Red Box, store brands, the library, etc.)

What tips for saving do you have?


VeggieAmanda said...

I think it is awesome that you and Dave are spending more time together and are saving money! We use lots of coupons. We save money by hanging cloths on dryer racks, instead of using our dryer (we started this years ago). We also keep our heat down low and our air high (64 in winter and 68 in summer). I just put on sweats when I am cold. I will think of more.....

Beth said...

A friend of mine has a blog about how to use coupons. While some of her stuff is Michigan-specific, she shops a lot at Walgreens and RiteAid which are national stores. I've started getting free toiletries at those pharmacies -- i can show you how when I down there visiting. I'll try to send you her blog address. This woman is AMAZING!!