Monday, March 16, 2009

One year down, many more to go

Last week, I celebrated an important milestone -- I successfully completed my first year of goal weight maintenance. While there have certainly been ups and downs over the past year, I am proud to say that I have kept the weight off for a year now.

To celebrate, Dave bought me flowers (and ice cream, but we won't talk about that!).

Pretty from any angle
He's a good man.

In contemplating the past year, I decided to come up with a list of musings...sort of the 25 random things about being on maintenance a la Facebook style. So, in no particular order, my thoughts on a year of maintenance (and nearly 2 1/4 years on Weight Watchers):

1. I still have “fat” days when I feel bigger than I am.
2. I went from not being able to find clothes because everything was too small to not being able to find clothes because everything is too big. You think I would have had the sense to stop somewhere in the middle.
3. Yes, I still eat. A lot.
4. Yes, I still eat pizza. And cookies.
5. I feel hypocritical when people praise my “self control.” I often feel like I have none.
6. It amazes me that the new people I meet have no idea what I used to look like. I often have to suppress the urge to bear my past and confess everything.
7. I’m still a foodie. Given the choice between veggies and fries, I still want the fries....though I try to pick the veggies on occasion to keep everyone guessing.
8. Maintenance is a range.
9. After a year of maintenance, I’m about 5 pounds lighter than I was on the day I hit goal. Even still, I’m closer to the top of my comfort range (see #8) than I have been in the past 6 months or so. This makes me nervous.
10. I still think that my thighs are fat. But I can live with it. (I promise that I’m not complaining!)
11. I have very few t-shirts that fit me properly. The one that fits best was purchased in the kids’ section.
12. For the past two years, Valerie Bertinelli has been in a commercial for a weight loss system (Nutrisystem, maybe?) where she says that for the first (and second) time, she won’t be making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. I like that commercial.
13. There’s a person in my life who has confessed that they weren’t sure they liked me when they first met me because I was fat. Because of who it is, I don’t take it personally, but I’m still not sure how to respond to that.
14. I splurge on a lot of things, but I just can’t justify eating an omelet biscuit from Hardee’s (even though they are SO tasty!). Seriously, have you seen the stats on that thing?
15. I know the “points” values of a LOT of foods.
16. I still write down everything I eat. Well, almost. I try to, anyways!
17. Replacing an entire wardrobe is tough...but fun.
18. I don’t know why this list sounds so negative. I really do like being thin!!!!
19. I apparently have a really bony butt. Who knew?
20. Fat is a good insulator. I don’t think I realized that until this winter.
21. I lost approximately the weight of an Irish setter and a house cat put together. I like to think that I’ve lost a 5th grader.
22. Going to the doctor for my physical this year was funny. It had been a few years since I had been there, and the nurse had to come back in my room to verify who I was. She looked at the existing vitals in the computer and thought it was a case of mistaken identity.
23. I know that I’m going to have to be mindful of what I eat for the rest of my life. I’m okay with this most of the time.
24. I hate that I didn’t lose the weight before I got married. My wedding pictures look like they belong to someone else.
25. My advice? If you lose weight, wait until you are completely finished before having your rings resized. Otherwise, you’re going to have to have it done again.

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Diana said...

Congratulations, Meredith! I think what it boils down to is character. No one is perfect, but it's the striving to be better that counts. And I'm not just talking about the outside either. You've got the whole package, my friend. Keep it up. :)