Monday, September 14, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

You've got to hand it to Dave. With steadfast determination, he sticks to his matter what. Case in point, the Pittsburgh Pirates have recently made history by (nearly) completing their 17th consecutive losing season. Although they had some good runs in the '90s, the Pirates haven't won a World Series since the year Dave was born.

A Boy with a Dream

Nevertheless, Dave is still a big fan, and a night at the ballpark is always fun. During our Labor Day weekend trip to Pittsburgh, we caught the Saturday night game with our friends Mike & Matt. The Pirates actually played a decent game. Unfortunately, the marvel that is Albert Pujols swooped down in the 10th inning to hit one out of the park, and the Cardinals won the game. Oh well, we still had a good time!

Matt & Dave Glasses? Check. Ticket? Check. Nesters Go Bucs! A Kiss from a Pirate The Pierogi Race Pearce poses with a legend Pearce at the Pirates

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babyarnie said...

That pic of Dave with his back turned looking at the field is REALLY good!