Monday, December 8, 2008


My brother and I have a long history of naming our cars. I'm not exactly sure why we insist on our cars having names, but we do.

To name just a few, we've had Christine (a fire-engine red Chevy Nova that was originally the color of blue-green rust), Quince (named for the number of miles that the car had when bought), Helga (an old German name for an old German car), and Corolla de Ville (which always inspired a certain catchy Disney song).

Now, there's a new car to add to the list -- meet Fiona, our "new" (read: new to us) Suzuki Forenza.

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babyarnie said...

I LOVE it. Ya want to buy me one while you're at it? And Fiona is a perfect name. My first car was named Daisy.