Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Angels Among Us

The world got just a little darker this week as one of the brightest stars was laid to rest. Without a doubt, Rosa Mae Morgan Canady, my grandmother, was one of the sweetest individuals that I have ever met and likely ever will. Her life was far from perfect, but she delighted in even the smallest things -- visits from her many friends, crocheting blankets for a new born baby, spending time with her family. I suspect that my love of all things pink and all things chocolate came directly from her.

The baby of the family and the only granddaughter in the midst of seven grandchildren, I enjoyed the time that I got to spend with Grandmother. My visits with her as a child include memories of sleeping on "palettes" on the floor at the bottom of her bed, going to the get the mail from her little box (she would always lift me up so that I could be the one to get it...and I learned the hard way to always check my pocket for her keys BEFORE we left to go home!), wonderful food and treats, and countless colorful expressions that often found themselves merged into the daily lexicon of my family ("Lord, Randy...you know not!" and "oh, foot!" being among the favorites).

We learned many things from Grandmother -- that going out with a "wet head" was a horrible thing and that walking around with your hair in your face was nearly as bad. And did you know that an "eggshell and a half" of milk could make the sweet chocolate chess pie? Most of all, though, I think we learned what living life as a woman of God was all about. Grandmother's life, disposition, and faith were a living reminder of what we were put on Earth for -- to serve God and to love others.

For all the sadness that my family has felt this week, I know that there is great rejoicing in heaven -- one of the faithful has returned home.

We love you, Grandmother...and we always will.

Rosa Mae Morgan Canady
1911 - 2008


Sarah said...

What a wonderful tribute to your loved one. There are so many more things that I wish I could have learned from my grandma. Thanks for sharing.

Jim Penny said...

Blogged well, you have.

babyarnie said...

That brought back such memories of my Grandma. And they even looked a like.... and had the same engagement rings.... what a wonderful tribute.

Carroll said...

So sorry to hear about Grandmother. I'm praying for you and the family!

VeggieAmanda said...

Meredith- I never saw this post. My deepest sympathies. Your post is a wonderful tribute to her. She sounds like an amazing woman.