Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pittsburgh Bound

Tomorrow morning we head up to Pittsburgh -- our home away from home (well, for Dave, I guess it's technically just "home"). We try to go up at least once a year to visit Dave's grandparents and our other friends, though this visit comes a little sooner than that.

The weather report is calling for COLD temperatures. While I'm not excited about the mercury numbers, I am hoping that we'll get to see (and maybe play in!) some snow. A true southerner at heart, I'm always excited to see snow...especially since we don't get it very often. Dave and I are also hoping to take part in some winter activities -- mainly ice skating and snow tubing. I'm really just hoping to not get frostbite in the process. :-)

Stay tuned for pictures and posts from our trip!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

My extended family is all from Pittsburgh, so I love it there. GO STEELERS!!!!