Monday, January 26, 2009

Smoochacha Patchko Goes to Pittsburgh, Part Deux

You may remember my little friend Smoochacha Patchko. Smoochacha went with Dave and I to Pittsburgh when we went last August. He had such a good time that he decided to go back.

This trip to Pittsburgh was much colder than last time. I thought poor Smoocha was going to freeze to death, but he managed to make it through. He even made some new friends in the snow!
Smoochacha makes a snow angel Smoochacha makes a new friend Smoochacha shows us how it's done Smoochacha rides to Pittsburgh

When he wasn't playing in the snow, Smoochacha was busy with other fun activities. He even learned about fire safety from Fireman Dave (and got to "ride" on a real fire truck!)
Smoochacha learns fire safety from Fireman Dave Smoochacha releases the fire hose Smoochacha for Fire Chief Smoochacha fights the fire

I think Smoochacha had fun on his trip to Pittsburgh. To see more pictures of his exploits (or a few of mine and Dave's!), check out my
Flickr page.


babyarnie said...

Yeah!! Too much fun. I think Smoochcha needs a friend.

VeggieAmanda said...

Now Smoochacha can help Dave with his fire fighting next time you are all in Pittsburgh. You were smart to teach our little Smoochacha fire safety.